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About  Summer

How did you decide to get in your line of work?

Photography has always been a passion of mine, since I  was a child. In my teens my dad bought me and old Pentax camera and that is where I started to teach myself the basics of photography. Learning through trial and error.


When I was twenty and got hired on as a wedding assistant I learned so much about photography, lighting and how to create a formula to make sure you get everything and have it all run smoothly. After 2 years of assisting, I started to photograph my own weddings and events. I had so much fun and was so inspired with every job, I knew it was the right line of work for me!


About   Us

Summer Scotland Photography is a fun, friendly and professional crew with over ten years of experience. We just love to photograph weddings, events, babies, portraits and much more!

Summer Scotland is known for her discreet style and her emotional, breathtaking photographs. Every photo is taken with grace and professionalism, telling the whole story.  

Our style is a journalistic approach with the ability to direct and set up a natural feeling group or couples photo.  Giving each photo a natural softer, timeless look to it.

We are loving every minute of documenting precious moments to hold through time. We hope to work with you on creating
beautiful, unforgettable and fun photographs!

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